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Last August we had a visit to Barsoom bistro in Hauz Khas Village, we have been planning this for long.
As soon as you enter Hauz Khas Village, the first building on your left side that is where Barsoom is. It’s the same building where Chaayos, Eatlo etc, is but top floor. We entered the place and it has the typical Bistro interiors with nice graffiti, a small DJ desk and a bar counter. The seating looks good and you have the option to sit outside (Non A/C for all smokers). We reached pretty early and as it was a weekday the place was empty. So we got ample time to talk to them, ask questions about the food etc.

What I liked is the drinks menu & food menu, moderately priced drinks and a unique food menu with some good Western food options. They also serve some good salads. We started with a salad and Beer. Well, a hard day’s work can be complemented only by good food and beer 😀 Quantity was good for two people, the presentation was attractive and the taste was excellent. Salads served at every place don’t give you the craving to eat more, but here we tasted Tuna, egg and veggies based salad named deconstructed Nicoise, it was fresh, healthy and yummy.

The salad served- Deconstructed Nicoise
The salad served- Deconstructed Nicoise

For mains we had a big decision to make from the confused but attractive menu 😀 .We ordered a mixed non-veg mezze platter which had hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, chicken wings, grill fish and seared prawns. Again, this was tummy full quantity. It was pure sin I must say

mixed non-veg mezze platter
mixed non-veg mezze platter

While we were busy sipping beer and focusing on the yummy food, there was a DJ who was setting up the environment. They mainly play hip-hop, dance music. They also play Jazz. Yes, you heard it right; If you want to listen to Jazz music and eat some good food with a couple of beers, this is the place.

Barsoom hauz khas
The DJ at Barsoom Hauz Khas

Their drink menu has good variety like grey goose vodka, belvedere, some awesome cocktails & mocktails, the master of shots Jagerbomb etc. People started coming in at around 8 pm and music played was apt for the ambience.

We didn’t wanted to leave so soon and thought we will try the Steak. They had steak in the menu and we thought of giving it a try it. The steak was served with a rosemary red wine sauce and grilled vegetables. I won’t say this is the perfect or best Steak, but this wasn’t bad either. You can’t expect steak the same way you get it outside India. I wanted it well cooked and they did cook it well. It was soft and easy to chew, juicy and tasted good.

Barsoom hauz khas
Steak at Barsoom

It wasn’t a planned evening, it was one of those unplanned dinner we had but enjoyed to the core. The food, the ambiance, the drinks, music, everything was so perfect, we would say this is one of the places you should check out in Hauz Khas. The staff here is well behaved and they will explain to you about the food they serve, what kind of music they plays etc.

Having a chat with the Barsoom staff

Key Info:

  • The place is good for Friday, Saturday night hangout too.
  • The place is open till 1 am.
  • They play a different genre of music every day.
  • Go there when you have ample free time and spend some time at Barsoom.
  • They have Jazz nights on Sundays.
  • Happy hours available (check with the staff or zomato)

PS: Barsoom Bistro is closed as of now

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