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It’s finally the time to dump the winter wear and start wearing your favorite summer wear. Summer is that time of the year when people love to travel. It’s time to wear some nice shorts and sleeveless t-shirts and relax sipping some beer too. This is the time when families travel too, since summer is here and kids have their long vacation. Get your bags packed, set the course and let the journey begin. I bring you the packing style 😛


The Vagabond Me:

I love travelling and I travel whenever I get a chance. I love road trips the most, followed by air and then rail road trips, but with minimum baggage. There is something which I hate and something which is scarier than Raagini MMS 2 😛 for many people, Packing. It is a pain to pack properly, take the right things, not forgetting anything, with minimum number of baggage. I used to carry only a single backpack irrespective of my trip duration, weather, and destination and travel purpose. For me everything used to fit inside my favorite backpack. My friends say that my backpack has enough stuff to survive apocalypse, enough stuff which I think is important 😀 .

Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?
Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?

The Planned Traveler:

After getting married also I traveled, my bad “we”, but there were very less number of instances where I got a chance to use my backpack. I dodn’t like the plan of not using my backpack and instead carrying some other bag and used to fight with her, ya ya ofcourse she won. The reason was if she has to take something out of the backpack it was a big task for her, unlike me.  But the bag should be good enough to carry clothes for both with easy access and clothes not getting wrinkled. Trolley’s invade and backpack becomes another unused asset in the cupboard *sob*

 Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?
Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?

What is the point?

My point is be it a backpack, a bag or a trolley; it doesn’t matter unless you pack smart. To Travel smart, you need to pack smart, use the right bag and pack the right things you need. When you plan a travel, think about the number of days, possible destinations and what kind of a trip it is going to be. As per these factors you can decide what all to be kept and what all to avoid. Travel mode, this is also very important especially if you are travelling by air then remember the baggage limit. For Domestic and international it varies and if you exceed the allowed baggage limit, you will be charged per kg which will cost a fortune. A friends of mine relocated with so much luggage that he paid 11k worth of extra baggage ! Can anyone beat that ?????? If you are travelling by train or by road, it is always better to carry trolleys with locks and a small backpack or bag for keeping essential things like face-wash, sanitizer, toothpaste etc. Always arrange the things in the bag as per frequency of use, for example things which are used frequently should be easily accessible. Also, most importantly never forget to carry a pair of slippers wherever you go.

 Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?
Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?

Travel smart for a happier travel, be it business or a weekend getaway or a long vacation. Happy Vacation!

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24 thoughts on “Bags packed, Are you sure you took everything?

  1. i love packing!!!! when i leave everything is meticulously kept in the suitcase..when i come pack..everything is stuffed inside thinking that i anyways have to open it ghar jaake 😛

  2. I always travel smart – my bag is constantly packed with essentials as I travel so much I don’t get time to unpack! The only things to pack before leaving on the next trip are clothes and gadgets.

    Just added you guys on Twitter – maybe see you there sometime!

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