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It’s a weekend, your husband got up late as usual and asks for his morning tea. You see him watching TV lazily sipping the tea. For some reason you get irritated( if I ask you the reason you don’t really know) You starts yelling at him to change the channel or waking up later than you 😛 , for not paying bills or forgot to get things from grocery etc etc. The day starts with a fight. If he is a calm and quite person he ignores you otherwise he gives you back and the weekend morning turns like a parliament session full of arguments.

The above scene often happens here in my home. I know some of you can relate to this, atleast the married ones 😀 I was wondering why he should be the victim for my bad mood day ( he don’t have a choice though 😛 ). Such bad mood days happens for a reason or there is a some kind of provocation behind such bad mood day. Rather than arguments or fighting, why can’t we find the reason for the bad mood and correct it.

Here are few steps for self improvement which I’m trying to implement on myself 😛

  • FIND the reason for the BAD mood. I know the reason will be the tiniest but that would be enough to spoil the whole day or week even.
  • TALK and sort it out. It’s your man dear. Keep your ego away and talk to him and sort it out. I know it’s not easy but let’s try 😀
  • Empathy is something we all should posses, infact the least found thing in our modern world. Where there is empathy misunderstandings cannot rule.
  • Find a source for stress buster. 80% of us(including me) are living a stressed out life. All our emotions are over powered by stress, the main villain! Join yoga classes, aerobics, even spending few minutes prayer or meditating works! Do things which you love to do. For most of the girls the main stress buster is shopping(which stresses our husbands but:P )
  • Small outings and dine outs are key for a happy married life :D. I know trust and love is more important, but a fun weekend outing or a candle light dinner too works!
  • If you love cooking: Spend some time in kitchen cooking your favorite dish. This works for me, cooking takes off my anger and stress to an extend. Those who love to eat and not to cook should stay away from kitchen and order your favorite food, ice-cream or chocolate 😀
  • Speak to your best friend, whose funny enough and who boosts your mood. Please stay away from those drama queens

Do let me know how do you handle your bad mood day ?

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20 thoughts on “A bad mood day : Life after marriage

  1. I can totally relate to every word you have posted in here. When these things happen with me, my subconcious mind already knows that I am doing the wrong thing by unnecessarily yelling at the wrong person but this friction just takes couple of seconds to surface over all the good things, and they stumble as if hit by a hard blow. I absolutely agree with you that we should try to find out th real reason behind “bad mood” and sort it… will surely keep this in mind when I confront similar situation next time.. pink swear 🙂 And thanks a lot for brigning this up !

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