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I am assuming you have prepared a thorough budget for your wedding. However my concern for you is regarding the unforeseen  wedding expenses that always sneak up during weddings.My advice to you is ‘Plan your budget wisely’. You should leave no stones un-turned when planning your wedding budget..

I am going to help you avoid some of the most commonly forgotten costs that many couples (smart ones too!) fail to notice.

Postage Fees

A postage fee is the most inconspicuous cost that rarely gets noticed. At the most, couples consider the delivery cost of the invitation cards but not so much of the postage fees for RSVP envelops.

Now the good news is that there are cheaper and better options available to send those invitation cards. First, pick a standard size card for your invitation and try having both sided invitations on the same insert. By following this technique, you will save a great deal of money on your postage at the time of mailing the invitations.

Cutting the cake might be charged!

Yes, no kidding! Who would have thought that your caterer will actually charge you a cake cutting fee? You would wonder, isn’t the cake bought to be cut and eaten? Cutting a wedding cake isn’t that difficult then why pay somebody for cutting it.

The only way to avoid this cost is by asking your friends or family members to cut the cake for you or even better, ask your wedding planner to cut the cake for free.

Vendors’ overtime fees

You have put aside money for each vendor that includes your caterer, makeup artists, photographer, and others. Each of the professionals has been briefed about their schedules.

Now it’s for you to wonder, what happens if the vendor is required for a few more minutes than the scheduled time? Let’s assume, the ceremony will be going on for an extra few minutes or even an hour, will your vendor charge you extra? The answer is most of the time yes!

So your job is to talk this out with your vendor from the beginning and before signing the contract. Avoid all the surprise expenses by simply reading and understanding the contract.

Treating your vendors with tips

Sometimes your vendors would not be quite transparent with you. I have seen many people unwillingly paying gratuities to their vendors only because they had not read the contract carefully.

I firmly agree on the aspect of having the freedom to choose in paying tips to the vendors for their exceptional services. Nobody should force you to pay gratuities, not even your vendors.

Read the vendor contract before signing it.cost-of-wedding

Venue hidden fees

If you are under the impression that renting a wedding venue in Long Island-New York, one of the fanciest venues for weddings, is a onetime giant expense, think again! There are so many hidden costs that are involved at the time of choosing the venue, regardless which ever venue you select.

Are you aware of Cleaning Deposits charged by many venues arranging weddings. If the curtains get stained because of food or drinks, you will have to pay for it. Request your venue manager to suggest some ways to avoid any such discrepancies, so that you don’t go over budget.

There are several other fees that your favorite Long Island wedding venue or whichever venue will charge such as bar-tending and cork fees, set up fees, service fees and so on. Be mindful to all these hidden expenses that come along with the venue cost. Being aware of such expenses will help you plan your budget wisely. Please sign the venue contract only after understanding all the clauses and not otherwise.

Considering that most couples getting married do not have rich experiences with wedding planning, it is best to read all contracts before signing them.

Most of us get married just once, and considering the expenses and hassle that comes along with the wedding, most of us are content by planning the marriage just once, so why not plan it wisely!'I'll bet you paid less for your photo studio than I paid for her dress.'


Guest Post by: Suzan Hall

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33 thoughts on “How to avoid unexpected costs of wedding expenses?

  1. Oh man, there were SO many hidden costs in wedding planning I never imagined! Buying gifts for the wedding party can definitely add up, as can things like hair + makeup…plus paying for trial sessions of hair and makeup…the list goes on and on:-)
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted…Postcards To NYCMy Profile

  2. Absolutely awesome and very helpful post for those planning a wedding! If you’re going all in for the event I’m a huge advocate of getting a great wedding planner. Like right out of the remake movie “Father of the Bride”. Without all the funny stuff of course. Wedding planning can be horrendously stressful and by the time the day comes the bride and groom are wiped OUT from that exhaustion. So, take all of that off them and allow others to take it on for them. Have a great day! 🙂
    Mike recently posted…Phoenix, My Golden Retriever, And Our Stolen Truck CaperMy Profile

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