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The super-secret, hallowed and exclusive group called the Delhi Confluencer Circle (read it soDelhi confluence circle) just had its very first maiden bash at the most dreamy, pretty Mexican joint called Arriba- Mexican Grill & Tequileria, nicely tucked away in the swanky confines of the Asiad Village Complex.

DCC Tipples
DCC Tipples

Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria

Arriba – Mexican Grill & Tequileria

Delhi is known for the awesome food scene. Its not just the street food which is famous here, but some good dining joints with specialized cuisines have become a trend here. We were a part of Delhi Confluencer Circle meet up which was planned at Arriba- Mexican Grill & Tequileria. Arriba is in the Asiad Village (Khelgaon Road) and next to the Tabula beach (they both have the same main entry from parking). This is not a traditional Mexican place, but a hybrid Mexican or experimental Mexican.

Wednesdays are never awesome especially when work becomes a pain. The meet at Arriba was planned for a Wednesday and I rushed for it after office to reach on time and luckily I reached on time. The conversations and Margaritas started coming in and so did the folks in guest list.

Chef Noah, the man who entertained us throughout the evening with the signature cocktails followed by awesome Mexican dishes needs a special mention. Try their Classic Margarita as well as the Jalapeno Margarita and yes they do have some awesome tequilas and Cocktails based on Cinnamon, apple etc. I have been to Mexican joints like Don Pablo and sorts in US, Honduras etc and one thing I can guarantee is in India, Arriba was the place where I got the best traditional Guacamole just like in US, Arriba Especiale Guacamole. The best part was that the Chef prepared it right in front of you on our table. Well, Did I not mention you that we had a total custom menu for the evening, courtesy Chef Noah.

Fresh Guacamole prepared right at your table
Fresh Guacamole prepared right at the table

The spectacular Guacamole and the Tortilla chips were the most Mexican food I ever had in Delhi. This was followed by Skinny Taco Salad consisting of corn, salsa, iceberg, guacamole, cheddar and crisp taco strips served in a mason jar.

There were more food and drinks coming in while let me tell you the folks behind this secret group was none other than the brains at sodelhi Digant & Priyanka along with the SoDelhi family. 🙂 Well, we are the extended family 😉

SO Delhi Confluencer Circle
So Delhi Confluencer Circle

Chef Noah had guaranteed that we will be eating Mexican food, but not the traditional Mexican,  more of a new age style and he made that part clear with the Beer & Chipotle Lime Fish Taco Bites they served. A must try at Arriba and my favorite snack. This balls of heaven had lettuce, guacamole, cilantro, lime & sour cream which made it the most favorite dish here.

Beer & Chipotle Lime Fish Taco

When I was relishing the taste of this Fish Taco there came the Habanero Smoked Pork Skewers with pickled jalapenos and a hot chilli sauce! Man, Where am I? Yumminess unlimited with lots of conversations and Margarita’s 😀 The sewers were so juicy and delicious. Arriba do have an awesome appetizer menu for sure. While the Pork Skewers were doing rounds, there came the Bulldog Margarita. That is the moment when your eyes pop-out.

Pork Skewers
Habanero smoked Pork Skewers
Habanero Smoked Pork Skewers
Habanero Smoked Pork Skewers

The bulldog margarita is a big tumbler full of Frosty Margarita with two pints of Corona’s upended to make it the best. An awesome drink, infact the perfect drink for a group of 4 to drink together and have fun :)While the conversations happened with giggles and smiles.

bulldog margarita
Bulldog Margarita

While we were discussing more about the drink, the mains started coming in with the house special The Arriba Molcajete. A yummy dish with loads of meat, avocado, cheese and Salsa. This was followed by the sizzling Fajitas served with tortillas, Salsa and a bowl of Mexican rice.

Stuffed Jalapeno
Stuffed Jalapeno

 And it’s time for a pic together. It was fun meeting like minded people, the margaritas and yummy food served added to the fun.

The whole Bunch : )

One thing I would say to all foodies is, Arriba is just the not regular Mexican, but the Mexican everyone will like.

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2 thoughts on “When Delhi Confluencer Circle Met at Arriba – Mexican Grill & Tequilera

  1. That spread looks absolutely scrumptious! It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with Mexican food, but this newer spin on the cuisine sounds like it was exceptionally good.

  2. Great !What an awesome meet ! Full of food, excitement and friendly collaborations!!
    Would love to have been part of it as a fellow blogger 🙂
    Thanks for sharing !!

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