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Start defining your mom and you’ll run short of words. The mother-child relationship is above godliness, there is a special bond between the both. A child learns everything from her mother- the first gestures, first talk, first walk and a mother mold her child into a complete person. If a child is good at something father steals the credit and if he/she does something wrong everyone blames it on mother.

Are moms always right? No, It’s not necessary that mom is always right. Sometimes out of over possessiveness or for satisfying the needs of the society, mom can unknowingly mislead you. Especially if your mom is a reserved, shy or dependent woman. Moreover her teachings differ from son to daughter. “Because you are a girl”- every girl would come across this phrase every once in a while.

All these advice’s have been carried over from centuries to centuries..

  • ‘Don’t say your opinion when elders are talking’: This mostly happens when there’s a family get-together or when there’s a discussion on a family matter. Elders may not be right all the time, if so there won’t be many problems in the society. Sometimes a 5 year old can be wiser than elders. You may accept others opinion or not, but always try to at least listen to your younger ones or give them chance to speak up.
  • Suppress your emotion / never protest: If you are married you can relate to the situation. No matter whose fault it is, what happened at the in laws house, even without listening to the story most of the moms come up with advice to suppress and to tolerate. Here what happens is for each and every sacrifice you make; the more you need to suppress yourself and torture.
  • ‘Let it go’: This is out of my personal experience, once a rascal misbehaved with me and spontaneously I slapped him. I was shouting at people to catch him while he was trying to escape. My mom was telling me to let it go, its OK, leave it etc; all my frustration  turned towards my mom. Every time we ignore such people the stronger and the meaner they become and we’ll be considered weaker. Never let got the situation because by doing so you are feeding a monster.
  • To get into good books of others: What our relatives will think, what our neighbors will think, what society will think? It’s the national parent’s anthem. Even if we behave our best or do our best others are definitely gonna judge and point out your mistakes, that’s how our society is. Moms should try to improve your self confidence rather than trying to impressing the society.

Let’s make our daughters a good person but a stronger one too, so that they can have a better living in this world, or else she won’t be able to survive. If you really want your daughter to live a life better than your grandmother’s era, you should raise her up to be a stronger person. A girl’s beauty lies in her bravery

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2 thoughts on “Are Moms always Right?

  1. I love this article. I grew up with a toxic mom and lots of toxic aunts and grannies. It’s hard because we’re taught to be quiet and just listen to the grownups. But this is how abuse starts. 🙁

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