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How about a gift box from your loved one where you get to choose your gift. I’m talking about the website We got an invite from giftxoxo where they sent us an experience box with some awesome experiences in it. We were supposed to choose one from that and enjoy. 😀 It was when both of us fell ill and were recovering slowly, we thought we should choose something where we can spend some sweet time together. It was much needed especially when you haven’t gone out much after being bed ridden. So we thought, lets choose the best as a refresher to keep us chilled and we chose a dinner date one of the best restaurants in Delhi The Cherie Decaux, near Qutub.

The experience box which came had different type of experiences. (both indoor and outdoor options)

You can go to giftxoxo website and choose what experience best suits you. After this, you can pay for the same and you will receive an experience box with the experience and a code. You need to enter this code in the website and redeem the experience. You will be getting options to choose from a wide variety of experiences. For example: If you choose a Dinner date, then while redeeming you have to specify the day, date, time etc You can even add something in the comment and make it more personal, like a candlelight dinner at the specific corner of the restaurant etc. The best part is you pay for the experience while you purchase after which you don’t have to pay anything when you redeem it. Experiences are like packages, very neatly chosen ones and value for money.

 It’s perfect gift option for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries where they have options to choose their gift.The experiences vary from 1000 INR to 40000 INR and above.

We chose a Sunday night dinner at Cherie Decaux. This is the first time we were visiting this place. A nice restaurant which gives you the feeling of a restaurant in Paris. The staff welcomed us and we told about the experience box. Yes, its necessary that you tell them ,so that they can handle you well. They asked us to choose a table and we sat.

Awesoem ambiance at Cherie decaux
Awesome ambiance at Cherie decaux

They gave us the menu, a custom menu which is for the people who choose experience. It is a menu with good number of options. What we choose was a four course dinner with two complimentary drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic), Soups, appetizers, mains and desserts.

Our Sangria :D
Our Sangria 😀

The food quality was first class and the way they served us was awesome. No questions asked other than “”What would you like to choose sir/Madam?” Many times when we visit places and uses coupons/giftcards/packages, you have to ask many questions or answer the ones which are asked every now and then followed by the confusion among staff, this is where scores. The moment we told them we are here with the giftxoxo experience and showed them the card, they went and told us about what they are going to serve us, how many items to choose from etc. No more questions asked and that itself is a win situation for me.

The delicious food served at Cherie decaux.
The delicious food served at Cherie decaux.

A perfect evening spend with the love of my life at a beautiful french restaurant with conversation over sangria and the yummy food 🙂 This was certainly a great experience. We started digging more into what else giftxoxo has got and we are impressed seeing their offerings. A casual conversation with our cousin and she was interested in trying the experience. I am sure team giftxoxo is rocking …

Laks waiting for food :D
Laks waiting for food 😀
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