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Long time since I had shared a story here. No better way to start other than a road trip experience. We had a wedding to attend in Amritsar, a pure Punjabi Wedding in Gurudwara. We haven’t been to a pure Sikh wedding yet and that made this special to us. We planned a road trip to Amritsar from Delhi thereby taking our Little Mammoth for a long drive where he get to unleash the little monster in him.

The trip was planned as our friends (another couple) also was happy joining us for the trip as they were also supposed to attend the wedding. This trip also gave me the chance to test the Fastag option in the busy highway tolls.

There were two preparations happening.
1) Laks doing the shopping & other preps for the wedding
2) I doing the pre-checks and necessary maintenance work of Little Mammoth before starting our trip.

There are some must needed checks to be done before you start for a road trip.

Vehicle Checks Before Road Trip:

  • Tyre Pressure – Be it air or nitrogen, make sure to check the pressure and do the top up before starting the trip. Make sure you check the Spare tyre pressure & top it up too.
  • Wheel Alignment & Balancing – Ideally this should be done once in every 3 months, but it is mandatory to check these before you go on a road trip if you haven’t done in 3 months.
  • Wiper Fluid – Make sure to add wiper fluid or Shampoo or anything you prefer to clean your front windshield of the car (I use shampoo).
  • Car Wash – It’s always better to keep your car clean from inside as well as outside. A car wash and cleaning of inside will help.
  • Tools – Make sure you have the necessary tools needed for tyre change and similar work.

I always make it a point to keep some cushions in the car while heading for a long drive which adds a lot more support to the seating & back. Also, keep some water bottles and snacks for the road although we prefer roadside dhabas more 😀
Since this is supposed to be a long journey and we have to pay tolls at many places I thought it is better to plan and handle it better. We had faced long lines and delays at toll plaza during our last road trips. So I started searching for options and came across “Fastag” by Paytm. A seamless way to pass almost all tolls in national high ways. Fast Tag is a RFID tag which we stick on the front glass inside the car (right behind the rear view mirror).
The Drive:
I always prefer starting early to avoid the peak Delhi traffic and so we started at approximately 6am and planned the first stop at Murthal, yes at Sukhdev Dhaba. Following which the toll stint started and the testing of Fastag too. Infact, I found it very useful during the trip. Other than the toll at Murthal, we had seamless passing through all toll plaza’s because of Fastag. You get the feeling of VIP treatment. There are Fastag lanes in each toll plaza’s and it is mostly empty. So there is very less wait time and this actually save time, also there is no boring handling of cash and change. It is very simple to use, add money in Paytm wallet and the money will get deducted automatically while you will be alerted via sms (which arrives a bit late).

Delhi- Amritsar road is awesome with a very small patches which is past Jalandhar and till Beas after which the road is good again. The drive was pretty smooth with some breaks in between for stretching and some for food. After Murthal, our next major stop was at Jalandhar Haveli for lunch. The food & the ambience made the stop worth. From Jalandhar till Amritsar was good other than the 20km patch road. We reached Amritsar by evening and this trip was a memorable with loads of fun, music, dance and delicious Punjabi food.
Every roadtrip is fun and with the technology and a bit planning the trip becomes memorable.

Sharing few pics from our trip:

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