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Medical science has advanced so much that they have cure for almost all diseases. But there are certain cases where even medical science doesn’t have the answer. It is said that in the modern world every ‘one in ten’ couples are facing infertility. The situation is that the couples are uncertain of the treatment results. It’s like waiting every month to hear a positive news.

In simple words infertility means not able to conceive even after having unprotected sex for at least 6 to 8 months. There are a huge explanation for infertility causes as well as different kind of treatment methods to over come this. But before going for a treatment there are few things which you should know
  • Be mentally prepared, you should not be going for treatment just because your parents forced you. Both husband and wife should be mentally prepared that they really want the treatment to be done.
  • Take extra care in your food habits and life style. No smoking, no junk food and no alcohol. Have a healthy life style (no pain no gain).
  • You should have to acquire a lot of patience to go through this treatment. At a point you may feel like giving up, but always remember that later you shouldn’t regret.
  • Choose your clinic and Doctor wisely; be cautious while going for offer or packages. Rather than going after offers and advertisement try to get information from colleagues or acquaintances who have been through the situation.
  • Once you choose your Doctor, discuss your problems openly so you have a clear knowledge about your infertility causes.
  • You should have a clear picture of the further treatment you are going to do. Not even a single doubt should be there in your mind. Rather than a Google search, have an open talk with Doctor directly and clear all your doubts.
  • Stop changing Doctors frequently. You must have complete trust on your Doctor.
  • Don’t give up hope just because your first treatment failed, you have to keep on trying.
  • The most important, never blame your spouse, you both should support and be there for each other in all the up and downs.
  • If raising a child is costly, the infertility treatments are also really costly. Be financially prepared before going ahead.
  • Mentally, physically and financially you have to go through a lot, so be well prepared and never give up hope.
  • Always stay positive and optimistic, coz there is a “time” for everything, when all medical solution fails, God’s miracle happens.
Last but not least, there are lot of sadists out there who can hurt you like anything just to see your tears. They will show no mercy in humiliating and embarrassing you but never let them win, Ignore all such peoples in your life. They don’t deserve to be in your life. Be with those people who really care for you and motivate you.
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20 thoughts on “All that for a baby- Infertility treatment and your mindset

  1. Great post and definitely you should always keep trying, my friend succeeded after 4 times and it was hard and long but now she is the happiest woman in the world with her little baby girl:)

  2. Its common these days for women to conceive and they definitely need to be aware of the crucial issues as you have highlighted. Me? over and done and nothing can happen.

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