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There were too many speculations and questions from people who received invites for Asus zenfestival. No information other than the venue & date. Our guess was this was going to be launch event with probably one or two celebrities.. Soon we received a Exclusive super pass for the function.The venue was JLN stadium and the gate number was not specified in the invite, neither any information regarding the same. We used our traditional GPS with extra information, well the auto wallah’s. They told there is some function going on at Gate no 19th and told us how to reach there. The venue looked good with proper security checks at gate, a bit crowded though. We received our tags went ahead for registration. This was inside the auditorium and on entering we saw people everywhere rushing from here and there. No one has any clear idea why they were running. We saw a sign board saying Registration with a direction sign and headed that way. Meanwhile many known faces were seen, but registration first.

Asus Zenfestival
Asus Zenfestival

Now we saw a counter crowded with many lines. We choose one line and did our registration. They told us to collect our goodie bags from the next counter. Now this is where I will say mismanagement happened. Lots of people who are yet to do the registration were in the line to collect goodie bag. Either no one cared to ask anyone about which line leads to what or no one informed them. Somehow we grabbed our goodie bag and moved ahead. We got a stamp on our arm (I dont know why they needed because mine got erased in the sweat). The pace was well decorated with bright colors, graffiti, tatto designers, photobooth’s and also the bollywood heros dopplegangers for you to take selfies with them. Among all these good things, one thing which I didn’t like is there was no food served, not even snacks since that was planned for 3:30pm, while many people had started as early as 4am (outstation bloggers) and reached venue before time expecting they will be provided food by organizers. Now nothing works perfect when a program this big is planned.


Fellow Bloggers & influencers

We got a chance to meet V Shakti, one of the best influencers from India on twitter. We spent some time with him and later went inside the venue to get seated. The stage was awesome, infact it was super duper. Waited for sometime and the program started with drummers and vj and actor Cyrus Sahukar welcoming people with his funny titbits.

Stunning performance at Zenfestivall
Stunning performance at Zenfestivall


Then came the dancers and drummers who moved up and down on a rope. We haven’t seen anything like this before,  it was zentastic if that is the right word. After the entertainment, there came Asus chairman Jonney Shih. It was his first visit to India and he was happy & energetic. He gave some stats about Asus sales globally & then in India. Then came the announcements one by one starting from the beautiful zenfone 2 Deluxe with Crystal type design based on the Triangle.

Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe
Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe

He announced more phones and we were like how many new phones are entering the market. Among all the models launched, Laks wants the zenfone Selfie with a 13 megapixel front camera as well as rear camera phone. Asus Zenfone 2 series are running Intel Atom Z850 processors and have 4 GB ram or 2 GB ram models. This itself is a very good configuration. Add the 32GB storage, the 13 MP camera and some more cool features. Asus focused mainly on the Imaging part in their phone, especially on zenfone2 laser & zenfone selfie which uses laser focus.Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 

Laser focus is quick focus unlike what we have in other phones. Along with this is a very good HDR mode and a super awesome manual mode which can make your phone a DSLR. They didn’t talk about the manual mode much, but they displayed live capabilities like HDR , laser focus along with low light imaging & imaging using their accessories like Lolliflash & xenon flash. It was good to see them showing off the products highlight on live rather than just on specifications sheet. They also showcased sneak peak to the phone with monster battery, zenfone Max with a 5000mah battery. Also, the Zenfone2 Deluxe comes with Corning Gorilla glass 4 which is the best example of toughness.

The crowd was all excited upon the announcement of selfie phone and that is when Sonakshi Sinha entered chasing vj and actor Cyrus Sahukar. There was a selfie session on stage and later backstage with Sonakshi for whoever wanted.

Sonakshi Sinha @ Zenfestival
Sonakshi Sinha with Asus Zenfone selfie

Well, it was crowded obviously. One thing about Sonakshi Sinha which makes her special is she is comfortable with the crowd and she knows how to handle the crowd.. As per Asus experts, the selfie phone was the ultimate imaging phone with some awesome imaging capabilities. Asus also showcased its accessories like Lollli flash & Xenon flash. These can be connected to your smartphone and increase the quality of images with some lighting addition. Later on Johnni Shi came back and unveiled Zenfone Max, the super battery phone.

And Asus got a mascot- Zenny :D
And Asus got a mascot- Zenny 😀

He also announced that there is a special gift for all people who attended the function and it is nothing other than a Lolliflash. Wow! That made the crowd go crazy and I think people started to leave venue in search for lolliflash. Asus also displayed the Zenpad which is a tablet. What we loved about this tablet is that it is moderately prized with some awesome accessories like the cover. There is a speaker cover which will add more sound to the tab with the speaker in the cover. Girls, there is a Zenpad with beautiful Clutch cover. Unlike holding a tab with the normal cover, with a clutch cover the tab never looks like a tab but like a beautiful Clutch.

Asus Zenfestival
Asus Zenfestival

Around 4pm the program ended and there was a small Q & A session for bloggers with the Asus CEO & team. It was a nice experience, but we all were hungry & thirsty by then. There was food in the first floor, enough & more food. Good food served well, but people have made the place look like a market with the rush, pushing, shoving and cribbing. After food we wanted to collect the Lollifflash & go home, but the scene at gate was worse. Due to excess crowd at the exit where Lolliflash is being distributed, police had interrupted to control the crowd & they had stopped giving the gift. One person from Asus team came and told us to go back inside the venue and he will inform us when we will be getting. We had 10-15mnts to spare and go through the demo section where we checked out the new models closely.

Asus Zenfone 2 selfie demo
Asus Zenfone 2 selfie demo

After that on following up & waiting for another 15mnts, Team Asus somehow managed to get us the special gift. It is not about what it is, but how hard it is to live by rules in India. Bloggers who came to cover the whole event were the ones who had to wait & struggle to get the gift while those who left early got the gift. Why this happened? One mistake we think was this was a crowded event since there were many people other than bloggers & media, but the event management team was clueless about how to control the crowd. Also, they could have distributed the gift against the wristbands we got while entering which they didn’t do & hence created a ruckus.

It was a nice event, a global launch which was organized to be a success. This was a success even after the big uncontrollable crowd and small hiccups caused by crowd & mismanagement like no water served throughout the programme and a bit more planning on registration & gifts give away. For us the key points from the launch was:

1) The Value for phone with good configuration
2) Imaging capabilities of the phone
3) Features like Laser focus for crisp pics with no lag in focusing in a moderate priced phone.
4) Asus is serious about Indian markets with some good plans for future.
5) Zenfone Selfie is going to be seen with Laks. 😛

For Pre-Order, click here

And finally the surprise gift from Asus: Lolliflash 😀

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