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I am a traveler, an avid traveler. Most of my travel includes air travel. I have been travelling by air in India since 2006. The cheapest ticket I ever traveled was business class at 2000INR in 2006 – 2007. Well, I am lucky 🙂 Now a days I have to go for international trips too and hence I thought I will share some information about Airlines I traveled, basically a review of domestic & international ones. Lets start with the domestic airline, my favorite Indigo or 6E. I have been flying by Indigo since 2009 – 2010. It was just another cheap airline for me then, but the service made me stick to them.

On Time: It was of those times when On time and Air travel  are two words that cannot be used at the same time. Flight delays were common and cheap flights had no guarantee. There were few exceptions then and one among them was Indigo. I had been flying Delhi – Coimbatore, Delhi – Bangalore, Delhi – Pune & Delhi – Chennai route many times in 2011 and every time I flew, I flew by Indigo. The reason, On time. I have never reached anywhere late because the flight was never late. Infact, I used to reach a bit early. The only time they flew late was during the peak winters when I was travelling to Delhi from Chennai.

indigo airlines review..
indigo airlines review..

Passenger Comfort: This starts from boarding. The ladder which we climb to board the Airplane itself is made in a zig-zag shape instead of the steep stairs. The Zig-zag ladder is not a stair and hence it’s easy to pull your trolley. It’s also easy for a person who is not comfortable climbing steps. Seating in a domestic nofrill airline, It is not going to be very comfortable. Indigo has clean designed seats which gives decent leg space when compared to some other carriers. The interiors and other facilities are always spic and span.

Food: I never thought food served in an airline can be so tasty. I used to order the Malabar Parantha and stuff like that. Infact, Most of the times I have seen the stewards and air-hostess apologizing as the food got over. Yes, If not pre-booked, all good stuff may be over.

Crew: The crew of Indigo is well behaved and decent. When you ask a question, they will answer and help you wherever needed. Many times, it occurs that you are not in a good mood and in a rush to reach somewhere. They will welcome you with a pleasant smile and help to get you boarded on time. The Air-hostesses are friendly and they treat you with respect and care. They will answer your queries, make you feel comfortable If you are first time traveler they take good care of you If you need help.

indigo airlines review..
indigo airlines review..

The travel experience so far is good which makes me trust them and their pilots always. 🙂 Now, we can’t blame the pilots for turbulence, but the take-off and landings were always good. I have traveled during peak winter and heavy rains, but always had a safe landing and Ontime mostly. Fog is something which is not in any of our control and that is one condition when delays happen. Other than that, I haven’t faced any delay.
Ticketing is also easy, especially through their website. Recently they have made changes to their site and made it uber cool and easier to use. You can even book holidays, car rentals and also do a group booking. You can select if you are applicable for reservation like Army or if you need any special assistance like Wheelchair or special attention. Indigo have flights to international destinations also, haven’t tried that yet though.

Whenever we travel domestic, Indigo is our first preference. How about you? Next time we will write our experience / review about another airline.

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13 thoughts on “Fly Indigo – Airline Review

  1. Intetesting read. Through Indigo I have travelled 2 times since they dont have a flight to my city. We usually end up with Jet airways 🙂

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