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Most of us who are born in 80’s can never forget the gulf -war or in short, the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. I still remember the new joinees in my class who were previously studying in Kuwait. Airlift is the story of the epic evacuation of citizens from a warzone by MEA of India with help from Indian Airforce, Air India and Indian Airlines.

The movie revolves around Ranjit Katyal, the man behind the story. Akshay Kumar showed how good he is as an actor or the power of a versatile actor with superb supporting performance by Nimrat Kaur. Unlike other super models Nimrat Kaur ain’t just a beautiful face, but a talented actress too. I watched two of her movies and man, what an actress she is. The movie unveiled some good supporting performances by Purab Kohli, Lena (Malayalam Actress) and Prakash Belawadi. Ranjit Katyal, a business tycoon who thought Kuwait is his land since he is reaping money there until Iraq invaded. When the Kuwaiti government fled for life leaving the citizens without a leader many people understood the difference between motherland and a foreign country. The script of Airlift is based on the original story of airlift where the two Indians and the India MEA came forward to rescue the Indians in Kuwait and airlifted over 1,70,000 people with the help of 488 flights in just 59 days. After everyone was rescued, Air India’s name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the civil airline that had evacuated the most people till date. Akshay’s character Ranjit Katyal is not a real character but a combination of two personalities Sunny Mathews and Vedi, who formed an unofficial committee to oversee the evacuation because they knew that Indians were not safe.

A scene from Airlift

The movie catches a moderate pace and it stays like that. There were scenes where the audience cheered and clapped which shows the power of the movie. Director Raja Krishna Menon had shot this movie beautifully with the perfect cast to support his script and creativity. While we blame our country for the inability to prevent our noisy neighbors creating a ruckus and the sad state of Air India, this movie will definitely change that perspective. This movie shows us the power our foreign ministry and the level to which they will go to save their citizens from a foreign country and also the heroic AirIndia staff who worked hard to ensure the passengers in those 488 flights got the best service and support they needed to reach homeland.

Raja Menon – Akshay Kumar- Nimrat Kaur did an excellent job with this movie highlighting the positivity of being an Indian and living in India. Airlift is Our choice for this weekend and Republic Day.

Our Rating – 4/5
One question to Raja Krishna Menon, What if Akshay played the character of a South Indian (like original incident)?

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5 thoughts on “Airlift – Movie Review

  1. Seems like an amazing movie ! In what era did this evacuation occur ?
    I think people complain about air india because of rats or something like that in the cabins 😛

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