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We love watching good movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood or our regional language. In between the movies we get to see Ads(advertisements). We are least interested in watching them, infact we wait for these Ads to take a break in between.

But there are certain Ads which we love watching, some of them we just love even after watching a number of times. They are made so perfectly that within a minute or so they beautifully convey the message, some are more powerful than a 3hour movie 😛 .

These are some of those ads which touched my heart and I love to watch them again and again

  • Honda : The hero of this ad is the beautifully composed song. The sky divers forming Honda logo formation in the beautiful blue sky is a treat to the eyes.
  • Google ad: This is one of the wonderful ad I have ever seen. Two childhood friends who got separated during Indo-Pak partition meets through Google, that too with the help of their grand children. How cute is that 🙂
  • KBC Ad: Kaun Banega Crorepati is many of our favourite show. Did you guys see the ad of the new season? A perfect example of a communal harmony.
  • Airtel Services: Hope you girls love this one 😉 I found this one funny and cute. No doubt, we all love to be our husband’s boss 😛 . may not be boys favourite though 😉
  • Pepsi India: Every time I watch this ad I go back to my childhood days and miss my chuddy buddies a lot. A beautifully pictorised school days and friendship.
  • Dairy Milk: Every dairy milk ad is beautiful. They show the happiness and warmth in the relationship.
  • Axis  Bank Ad: ‘Badthi ka naam Zindagi’-  This one is a brilliant Ad. It shows how the world is interconnected and how our earnings are interconnected. Wow!
  • Alpino Ad: Alpino Ads shows s what not to say in our love relationship 😉

There are many many more… I’ve just mentioned a few of them. Do you have any favorite Ad which you would love to watch again and again 😀

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24 thoughts on “Ads that touch our heart

  1. Ooh I love the KBC ads, be it the Hindu Muslim one or that state one. Heart touching. I also love the Airtel ads in short everything you mentioned here Laks.

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