About us

The storytellers who are avid foodies and Globetrotters. We love to pen down our stories & adventures through TheKnotStory. We are proud Malayalees settled in the capital city for the daily bread. If you find a lot about Kerala on the blog, you know why. We believe in the theory that every story must be heard!

For PR and brand collab email us at theknotstory@gmail.com or call us at (+91) 8586068889 / 7838431757.

A little about the founders:


 Laks, the spine and heart of TheKnotStory. A finance professional who left her job to do something on her own. She is a foodie and loves traveling. She does the major part of TheKnotStory 🙂 She loves shopping bags, shoes, more bags, more shoes and more dresses.


Gautham- Incurable football fanatic, Beer Belly Hall of Famer, lives for food and unconditional love (beer) :P. Techie by day and lazy blogger by night. And yeah married to Laks. 😛





 Jini, We will say she is the cousin sister of Sarcasm filled with a right mix of humor and Sense. An avid reader, our friend, critic, contributor, Gossip girl, an excellent cook and what not. Oh, we forgot to tell you that she loves talking 😀 which never stops though 😐                  

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Nov 11, 2012

10 thoughts on “About us

  1. I sell decorative Handmade Paper Bags for weddings & small functions. Would like to Show you my work . I stay in Pune. Please send me your Email id so that I can send You some of the Snaps. Thank You

  2. I came to this site while searching for ‘elaanji’. The name of your blog was intriguing, The Knot Story. Then, it dawned on me it’s English for ‘kettukatha’! Nice name (though your posts are anything but a bunch of ‘kettukathas’). Happy blogging! Happy living!

    – from another proud Malayali

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