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It’s been ages since we were longing to go for a girl’s only trip. It won’t be a lie if I say that this dream was there in our mind from our college days. Every time I watch the ‘Sex and the city 2’ movie I always get excited and wanted to experience the joy of a girls only trip. Just imagine leaving behind your spouse and family.. vacation with besties. Even the mere thoughts excite us.

Girls only trip is not as easy as a normal trip. Being born in a conservative family, convincing my family was the difficult part. The only support I had was my husband’s and my self confidence. I had a hard time convincing my parents, may be I will understand their problem when I become a parent..:P Halfheartedly when they showed me the green signal we moved on to the next step.

The next thing was coordinating with friends. Here I need to say a big thanks to WhatsApp. As we all lived in different cities, the WhatsApp group we created helped a lot.  Next thing was fixing a date which was comfortable for all. There were issues with getting leave on a particular date. But thankfully everything was sorted out.

The choice of the destination was the easiest one. We all agreed to visit ‘Wayanad’ unanimously. Being close to our home town, it was just the apt place for us. The next big step was finding a place to stay. Now that was a tiresome job. We had decided to stay in a resort and explore it rather than going out and visiting places. Mainly because we all wanted a break from our busy life and rejuvenate in some serene atmosphere. We browsed through all the websites and finally decided to choose Greenex Farms and we were extremely satisfied and proud of our choice. 😉 I could give a 10 on 10 for the resort.(Resort review coming soon).

Greenex: A vacation with besties
Greenex: A vacation with besties

This is how we spent one of our most memorable time of our life at the beautiful Greenex Farms for 3 days and 2 nights by exploring the beautiful nature surrounding it. Playing caroms, swinging on hammocks, trekking around the 11 acre resort coffee and other plantations, observing beautiful species of birds, chilling out at the swimming pool, playing badminton, cycling through tea estates nearby, having campfire dinner… the list still continues..

Honestly I had the most memorable time of my life spent with my best friends. Being with them was an energy booster. We laughed, we gossiped, we mocked and irritated each other, argued, had pillow fights, laughed till our stomach hurts…..We were living our dream!!!

Greenex: A vacation with besties
Greenex: A vacation with besties

NB: We were so devilishly happy to see the jealousy of our friends who couldn’t make it 😛


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24 thoughts on “A Vacation With Besties: Travel diaries

    1. You can always start with somewhere near to your home town, once you feel confident you can move on to other places Shailja 😉

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