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Shimla is considered to be one of the best honeymoon location in India. Shimla has its own charm and stay as one of the most favorite honeymoon spot. I have a lot of sweet memories about Shimla as we had our honeymoon in Shimla and it was indeed awesome to enjoy the weather and landscapes 🙂 ,only one thing to be done is to plan the trip at the right time.
The right time to visit Shimla:
   Being a hill station Shimla is not majorly affected by summer, but in winters the temperature comes down to about  -2’C and the summer temperature varies from 15’C to 28’C. The best time to plan honeymoon in Shimla would be from October to may. It’s on your tolerance level of cold weather. If you love to play in snow (if you are lucky enough to view a snowfall) plan your trip during December- February and for a lesser intense winter plan before December and after march.
A snowy honeymoon in Shimla
A snowy honeymoon in Shimla
The main attractions in Shimla:
  • The Mall Road: It’s one of the main attractions of Shimla. This being one of the busiest commercial area with narrow streets you cannot take your vehicle to this place. The construction of mall road reminds us about the pride of the British colonial rule in India. All the major restaurants, hotels, offices are located here.
Mall Road,SHIMLA
Mall Road,SHIMLA
  • Kufri: It is a beautiful valley in Shimla. It’s colder than Shimla as its located in a higher altitude and you need to take horse or donkey ride to Kufri, the Kufri visit is worth only if you get to see snow or snowfall.
  • Christ Church: I know we are talking about honeymoon, But can’t avoid  mentioning about Christ church. Being the second oldest church in North India, it was a great pleasure to see the clam  and peaceful Christ church in the busy mall road street.
Christ Church, Shimla
Christ Church, Shimla
  • Toy Train ride: This is a fun ride which consumes a lot of time, 96 kms covered in 5 hrs. You can board the toy train from Kalka station to Shimla. If you have a little patience the toy train ride is the best to enjoy the cool breeze, snow and the tunnels which passes  on the way. Train is good for those who have the problem in road journey especially through the winding climbs. During winters it may snow and train is a better option than slippery roads.
Toy train ride, Shimla
Toy train ride, Shimla
  • Rashtrapati Niwas: This is a place of historical importance as it was formerly the residence of Viceroy of British India, later converted to IIAS, Indian Institute of Advance Studies and museum for the tourists.
Indian Institute of Advanced studies/Rashtrapati Niwas, Shimla
Indian Institute of Advanced studies/Rashtrapati Niwas, Shimla
  • Jakhoo Temple: It’s an ancient Hindu temple with a huge idol of ‘Hanuman’.This temple is situated in the Jakhoo Hills from where the scenic beauty of Shimla can be viewed.
Apart from these there are a number of beautiful resorts in Shimla facing the snow covered beautiful landscape. It’s worth spending your whole day in the resort sipping hot coffee with your sweetheart next to you 😉 . If you ask me that’s the best way to spend your honeymoon 😉
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