A selfie now? occasion does matter!

Today I’m gonna write something we often come across in our daily life. Recently I happened to visit a funeral of an acquaintance. This is not the first time am observing these, but I always wonder what’s wrong with some people. It’s the time when you are supposed to give respect to the deceased. But I sometimes feel, if the deceased could do a last miracle he rather would wake up and slap a lot of people 😛 . Usually we all would prefer not to visit such places, but there are certain unavoidable situations . I am sure most of us have the courage to watch some weirdos helplessly. Some forget that they have come for occasion does matter. So have you seen such people in funerals ? 😀

  • Those who doesn’t have “silent mode” in their phone and all of a sudden it rings ‘baby doll main sone di’, “Din hai sunny sunny” 😐
  • Those who think that they are there for a ramp walk, and would come as if some director would cast them in their next movie.
  • We know you might have come all of a sudden without taking bath, but showering yourself with a bottle of perfume to the extreme can cause irritation to others :/ .
  • Out of respect we just keep our voice down but some are there discussing about global warming or Obama’s presidential evaluation as if they are giving a lecture in a hall.
  • Yea you would be meeting a lot of acquaintance after a long time, but seriously this is not the right time to feel excited about seeing them.
  • The disgusting habit is that they think liquor should be served to the undertakers for their funeral participation.
  • Its much better if you don’t say goodbye to those who are crying. At least allow them to mourn the death of their close one rather than disturbing them in between.
  • And some wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to take some pics right there and upload in Social media.. 😀

    A selfie now? occasion does matter!
    Even our leaders forget the occasion 😀

If the deceased is old I think a lot of people have an attitude like “ its okay, he/she is too old, there’s nothing to be sad about it”. Its not the age but the person who means a lot to the family. If these weirdos doesn’t know how to behave properly in a situation how are they gonna teach their kids about it.

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36 thoughts on “A selfie now? occasion does matter!

    1. this mainly happens during an age old’s funeral! me to haven’t attended any other than my dad’s 🙂

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