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I know it’s a sensitive topic and its exclusively for the girl out there who are getting prepared to take the new role of daughter-in-law. For the boys out there, I have found its been easy to blend up with your in-laws ( the reason for this is still to be found out πŸ˜‰ ) and it’s always seen that after marriage girls need to adjust and adapt themselves to the new circumstances and boys remain the same and happy.

Behind every marriage there is some story, be it a love story or the story where parents find a girl for their boy or boy for their girl. Father & Mother, they play two roles in a marriage 1) The role of a parent, 2) The new role which is ‘In-laws’. The in-laws be it the girl’s or boy’s,will be in pressure on how to handle their new role. Lets try and find out ways on how to become a daughter and not Daughter-In-law.

Once the marriage is fixed it’s quite common that bride and the groom come close to each other, they try to understand each other and starts planning for a better future. they often talk over phone, Skype and meet each other when ever possible (in fact they create more and more opportunities to meet each other πŸ˜‰ ) these days are considered to be the best and most memorable days of our life. In addition to this it would be better if the bride can start calling her would be in-laws once in a while and inquire about their health, about the food cooked by mother in law, sent small gifts as token of love for them etc. This will definitely make them happy and they will be eager to welcome the new daughter in the family.(yeah!! exceptions are there πŸ™ πŸ™ )

I am not telling this will make things easier and simple, let’s make a good try from our side. If we think from their point of view they are going to share the love and care of their boy with someone else; and the interesting part here is that they are the one who dream the most about their son getting married and about their daughter in law managing the house and them. Unfortunately, not every changes after the marriage does not come as expected from both sides. Is it because the in-laws couldn’t find a perfect daughter in law (as per their expectation) or the in-laws expect a lot from the daughter in-laws???

Here we can put in little effort to study the new family where we are going to enter into. The best way is to spent more time with them. You can accompany your in-laws during the wedding shopping, have lunch with them etc.,by such few meetings you would get a glimpse of your in-laws. This would help you to prepare and adapt yourself better after marriage. This blog of mine cannot change whats been going on over years irrespective of the country, culture or religion. It’s a small effort from our side to tackle your in-laws better πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

A medicine for the In-Law Fever
A medicine for the In-Law Fever

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30 thoughts on “A medicine for the In-Law Fever!!

  1. amazing thoughts Laks…I truly agree with the spending time with in-laws..My MIL was more close to me than my mom surprisingly!!

  2. My GOD! As i told u all before my bro is going to get married this summer. So after reading this post it seems like my bhabhi is giving a good doze of medicine to all of us..she is doing exactly what is written in this post..:P

  3. This is soooo true!! my bro got married recently. My mom, dad and me used to meet up with my SIL and her family often..we and my sil used to talk over phone and chat frequently. It helped alot in understanding each other and now that she is married to my bro, we all feel sooo comfortable in each other’s company. She is more like a sister and a daughter than an “in-law”!! The tips in this post are perfect!!

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