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It’s our Jini’s 10th Wedding Anniversary. No! She is not too old but she had an early marriage: D. We wish Jini a funfilled Anniversary and May you guys live many more years together loving each other and fighting with each other.

Here is a small note by Jini which she wrote for Jay. If you haven’t read Jini and Jay’s story And they Lived Happily Ever After

 “Can’t believe it’s been 10 years, almost a decade ago we started our roller coaster ride of usual up’s and downs, but definitely with more up’s 😉 Looking back I could say nothing has changed, he still hates my Brinjal curry and my self-obsession which eventually turned to selfies: D

Few things definitely changed for good. Initially we had a hard time coping up with each other because we were dead opposites. I was the ‘happy go lucky ‘kind and he was a matured and responsible guy, but eventually as we began to know each other we started accepting each other for who we are rather than keeping expectations and hoping to change.

On this day I don’t want to let him know how much I love him but I just want to thank him for giving me this wonderful life. 

Hey husband,

I want to thank you for evolving me into a ‘comparatively’ more responsible and bolder person from the careless girl you met 10 year back. 😛  I thank you  for giving me all the freedom to live my life as I wished and allowing me to follow my dreams and being there like a best friend rather just a husband. Thank you for being with me and supporting me during the hardest times of our life where I had to face the society who think woman’s sole aim is to reproduce.  You may not tell me often how much you love me or you don’t use any sugar coated words, but I am always aware of it by the gestures and respect you have for me. Finally, I thank you for tolerating most of my tantrums 😉

For the society we may not be the perfect couple, but we are just perfect for each other, let’s not bother to prove it to others. Let’s live our life just the way we have been living by being there for each other.

With love wifey

Let me end this note by saying something that I’ve learned from our relationship. Nothing can come in between if you truly love, trust and respect your partner. Ego, jealousy, anger, hatred, over expectation may it be anything , nothing can shackle your bond if you are totally in love with a person because love stand above all other emotions.  Just forgive and forget your problems and stop expecting. Just give as much love as you can 🙂

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