A Little About Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

Have you ever wished you could get rid of body hair in an easier way without having to deal with waxing or shaving? Are you tired of it seeming to grow back as soon as you shave it off? Well, laser treatment can give you much better hair removal success.

Lasers Get Around Common Hair Removal Problems: 

A common hair removal problem is missing some hairs. For instance, you might shave your legs and miss a few spots. A patchy shave job can be itchy and embarrassing. Lasers are very accurate instruments. They use specific technological processes to target every single hair in a given area. So, if you go in to have part of your body treated, you can be assured that it will be completely hairless when you walk out of the spa or clinic after your appointment.

The other issue is, of course, the speed at which hairs can grow back after at-home maintenance procedures like shaving. While waxing can sometimes work a bit better than shaving, hair zapping devices  that use lasers can beat both by leaps and bounds. Instead of shaving one or more times a week, you can simply have a laser treatment done about every three weeks. Although, some people can go less often, while others may need to go more often.

A similar option to laser treatment for hair removal is Intense Pulsed Light treatment, or IPL. However, that uses a “cool” beam of light on a completely different frequency. That type of treatment is generally better for small areas that need to be treated, whereas lasers are stronger and capable of treating larger areas, as well as small ones.A Little About Laser Treatment for Hair Removal1

Choose Your Laser Hair Removal Device Carefully:

 If you do opt for laser treatment, you have to choose the actual laser device with care, especially if your skin is dark. Not only do some devices treat hairs by targeting dark spots against a background that is much lighter, but those with dark skin tend to also have more skin oils. Too much oil can cause burns during laser treatments, and having lighter hairs compared to darker skin tones can confuse some devices.

That said, there are lasers out there that can help you if your skin is darker or more oily. You just need to be sure that you consult reputable clinics and bring up those concerns to them. They can help you find a machine or treatment type that can give you the maximum potential for good results while also offering minimal risks.

Long-Term Results and Expectations from Laser Treatments: Finally, you should be aware that you need to have realistic expectations about the results of laser hair removal appointments. One appointment won’t be enough to permanently rid you of unwanted body hair. In fact, it’s unlikely that you will ever be completely free of unwanted hair. But after several treatments it should take the hairs a lot longer to come back, and there should be fewer of them. So, they might reach a point where you find them more manageable to treat at home, or you might decide to have continued laser treatments well into the future. It all depends on your own personal long-term results.

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8 thoughts on “A Little About Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

  1. You are so right. It’s so frustrating when you continuously miss over the same spots. Choosing the right tool can really help avoid this! Great tips!

  2. I just want to share this, before, my wife usually visits a skin laser treatment center, but she’s complaining how she has to go there every month, plus the amount is expensive. I bought her a Hair Removal device, and she loved it. So this is a good post, ask your husband/boyfriend to get this for you, it will save you a lot of money than going to a skin treatment center. Do you happen to have a list of hair removal/shaving device that’s available for men? Thanks
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