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It was my nephew’s 4th birthday, I wanted to give him a special gift this time. Even though I was ready with his favorite toy I felt like doing something more for him. Out of the blue, I got an idea. Why not celebrate it as a social media black out day, a day away from virtual world. I decided not to use any social network or any social media app that day. To be very honest it wasn’t an easy decision as mobile has become an inevitable part of my life (No wonder our parents complain that we are addicted to it) 😛 So I started preparing for it a day before. I updated my status that I will be offline for a whole day, mainly because I don’t want my friends and relatives to freak out. 😀 So exactly at 12 midnight I disabled my internet connection..Phew..

Early Morning when I woke up I was really restless to check my mobile, but I had made my mind that I’ll dedicate my whole day to my nephew and I wont allow anything to distract me. Other than my parents, my nephew was the most excited when he came to know about it. 😀

You wont believe the entertainment and joy I had that day. I had an awesome time with him. I never knew that I can be so kiddish when I am with kids. Literally I forgot about my age :D. Cycling, reading stories, indoor games, outdoor games, hide and seek, we fought, we hugged…..the list continues. The whole day was a new experience for me.I never saw him so excited before.I even forgot that there is an untouched phone in my purse 😀

Two things that I learned that day was:

1. No matter how much money you spend on children, it wont be as valuable as the time you spend with them. The time you are spending with them is priceless.

2. You should not let the social media or technology to over power you. You should be the one controlling it. Believe me a day without a social media is not boring. It’s all about how you make use of the day.

Just try it once, you will definitely feel the change, give your whole day to someone whom you really care( without any kind of social media in between you to create a wall).no_social_media1

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32 thoughts on “A day away from virtual world

  1. this is definitely needed in these times….social networking in takin away the precious time which is meant for our family, friends and for ourselves!

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