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A journal is always good, especially somewhere you can write about your life, every single moment which you would like to remember later. Blog is a journal, a diary which can be kept online with restricted access. It can be a journal which is written by you and read by you only. You can categorize and make a blog by you more beautiful. But why a blog and why are we writing about a blog on our own blog?

A Blog by you for us
A Blog by you for us

Our suggestion to all married, to be married in a relationship or any of our reader, Start a blog. Write about you, the moments you like to remember, the moments you never wanna forget, add pics, videos, anything and everything. Make it beautiful with a theme and organized with categories. You start doing it now and some years later, when you look back and read this blog you will understand the feeling. Paper diaries have become extinct now, blogs are the new diaries. Facebook, twitter, myspace all are personal spaces, journals but more public. Blogs, they are more private.


A Blog by you for us
A Blog by you for us

You can buy a domain with whatever name you want, start a blog there. You can make it private or public. With the right hosting plan, you will be able to manage space and all those things. The purpose is simple, a journal for you and your family. Use it the way you want and us, we are here to help you with our ideas, suggestions and  we want one thing in return from you all. A love story, a story from your life. It needn’t be too personal, something which you would like to share. Something which is a love story which says your story and we publish it on our blog. Sharing is joy and sharing happiness is very good. 🙂


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