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And they lived happily ever after….yes that happens in fairy tales, whereas in real life after marriage “picture abhi bhi baaki hain” 😛 . There is nothing wrong in arguing with your spouse. There won’t be any single couple who hadn’t had a fight with their spouse and if there are any, then there is something wrong in their relationship.
Fights can happen over anything, if we are in a bad mood even a sneeze can lead to a fight. Actually anger is very contagious, it just spoils others mood also. The tantrums we throw after a fight are showing our pumpkin face, disagreeing on anything and everything others say, doing everything that makes them annoying expecting to hurt them. But rather than solving the problem everyone is making it worse. A little more  of love and patience can make a difference 🙂

Three things which we should know about couple fight are:

  • Untidy feet on the couch, wet towel on the bed, office work at home…anything can irritate us, instead of shouting at them maybe we could tone down our voice. I know, you might have tried that too and when your patience drained out you might have started showing your demonic side. But just think instead of spoiling their mood we could save a fight with a little more patience. Ignore few of their tiny faults, trust me, they will understand what annoys us though it might take years or decades…
  • If the problem is little more serious then you must have an open talk rather than expecting him to come forward for the initial talk. Don’t let your ego come in between you. By doing so your anger and frustration accumulates inside you. The better you both have an open talk, the faster you can solve the issue. Rather than updating your status and waiting for him to decode your hidden message, it’s better you both have an open talk and sort it out.
  • Finally, once when it’s all sorted out just forgive and forget. Never try to bring it up in any other situation or in your next fight. I know we women have the ability to remember everything they said and did, even if it’s decades back. So don’t act like a nagging wife who recalls and tells all his mistakes whenever she needs to win an argument.

    Stop expecting them to change, in certain cases we should try to bring changes in ourselves. You might be missing your wonderful time of your life just because of your ego. Believe me, little more patience, little more love and little more trust can make a HUGE difference in your relationship
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