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Just years ago, people were separated by distance and boundaries. However, nowadays, Internet has made the communication opportunities limitless. It is incredible how many things we can learn from each other.

The East and Western methods for taking care of the skin are dimensions apart. But what are the possible benefits of adopting some of the best Korean cleansers to our beauty routine?

1. Cleansing waters for Restoring the skin pH

Cleansing waters can be deionized, fresh spring, mineral or even glacial. They also call these herb waters or flower waters.

We could barely think of a more natural, and wise perspective to feeding the skin with vitamins and flavonoids. Nothing artificial, no chemicals, and no synthetics.

That is also an unique way to improve the water balance of the skin. And it is precisely the lack of this balance that is the root of every skin problem.

2. Cleansing Oils for Balancing the skin’s natural oils

Cleansing oils are yet another innovative approach towards the skin’s health. Only oils can stick to other oils to remove them.

Water and oil repel each other, so maybe we have been doing something wrong the whole time. The next most crucial step to attain a spotless vision is to gain control over the production of sebum.

But how to do that, if you don’t thoroughly cleanse all the oil remnants from the surface of the skin? Well, now we start to make more sense how Koreans achieve that dollish, spotless complexion.

3. Treat the pores right

When the pores are sealed, harmful pollutants are less likely to penetrate deeper than the upper levels. Korean face washes have products tailored explicitly for minimizing the pores.

Those small but super amazing gaps in the skin are the third most crucial carrier of skin issues. So it’s not just all about the pore-less looks.

4. Gentle foam cleansers can protect from dryness

Korean foam cleansers often come in a formula like whipped cream or cream milk. When they call something foamy, it is not just because of the lather. Sustainable, fluffy foam helps to reduce the friction between the skin and the product.

It acts much like a cushion to ensure that the skin gets clean without imparting irritation or dryness. That aids in keeping the skin fresh and calm to reduce pimples formation.

5. Snail slime for skin repair

The lubricating substance that these creatures produce can help the human skin retain the much-needed moisture. It also aids in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The best part is, the tiny fellows don’t get hurt when their slime is gathered.

6. The ancient secrets of Rice for immortal beauty

It is still considered a great compliment in some parts of Asia to call a woman “rice bran beauty.” Apart from its nutritive properties, rice bran oil is amongst the ones our skin tolerates the most.

It is full of fatty acids that serve to nourish deeply without causing clogging of the pores. It absorbs fast and can be used by all skin types. It helps to protect from environmental stressors, hydrate and has a gradual brightening effect.

7. Activated charcoal, Volcanic ash, and Meadowfoam extract for detoxifying the skin

However diligent care we take of the skin, it inevitably accumulates some dirt and grime now and then.

Regular detoxifying is a great way to reach deep down the pores. That is the exact place where blackheads form if we don’t manage this particular issue.

In case you have acne-prone skin, we recommend that you take advantage of a suitable sulfur face wash.

Anyway, you’d better not overdo so, or this can lead to chronic dryness of the skin and flakiness. That is one of the fantastic lessons of Eastern philosophy on life. We have to think and know when to start and where to stop.

8. Most of the Korean cleansers are suitable to use both in the morning, and in the evening

Koreans are very meticulous in taking care of the skin. They often wash the face numerous times during the day, even when they are at work. If they happen to be on the road, they use facial cleansing wipes.

Thus the formulations they implement are involving around gentleness. They know it is important not to dehydrate the skin but they also know how to prioritize.

That means as lot cleansing, as moisturizing. Just like we apply a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and blush as basics, the Koreans have a thorough approach to the cleansing of the face.

First, you wash with warm, clean water, then a foam cleanser, an oil-based cleanser ( the so-called double cleansing method ), then toner.

Afterward some sunscreen, and bb or cc cream. We might not be so used to the purpose of bb and cc creams, but these help to conceal minor flaws while letting the skin breathe.


The Bottom Line

A cleansed skin is healthy skin, and we have to admit that we love this approach. We were amazed to find out how vast is the Korean perception of a face cleanser.

Their beauty lines usually have more than ten different products under this label. We do cherish the idea that when we respect the skin, it pays back our efforts in time.
Author Bio

This is a guest post by Hannah, the dedicated blogger behind Support Your Beauty. She found her passion in inspiring people to feel free and confident with their looks after years of practice in the beauty niche and many trials and errors. Hannah believes in the inner radiance that every human carries within, and she shares an in-depth knowledge of the ingredients.

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