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A great summer vacation with family is undoubtedly one of life’s most enjoyable moments. With the kids having off from schools and colleges, it’s a great time for the entire family to reunite and experience some good bonding.

While summer as a season opens many doors to good vacation options including cosy hill stations, fun activities at a beach and so on, the extreme weather can be quite harsh on your health. Moreover, with the adventures, excessive commuting and environment change that comes with any holiday, it’s difficult to predict when you may fall prey to health issues.

Here are some simple tips to help you ensure that your family doesn’t suffer from health woes when on vacation:

  • Consume Only Bottled Water

While this may sound like the most cliched piece of advice, being mindful of drinking water is something that can never be overrated. As a matter of fact, impure water causes much more harm to your body as compared to contaminated food. It is often the big cause of many diseases. If you recall, you may have also heard people often suffering from diarrhoea when visiting hilly areas. The most common reason behind this is usually a change in the drinking water.

Hence, as a precautionary measure, while on vacation, you must ensure everyone consumes only bottled or mineral water. The good news is that today, no matter how remote a place you go to, a bottle of packaged water is always available. So why take a chance unnecessarily?

  • Be Cautious About Maintaining Hand Hygiene

When you are on the go (travelling), your hands are bound to come in contact with many common areas. These could be breeding grounds for different types of germs and bacteria. As a result, casually eating something with your hands without cleaning them might inject your body with harmful germs.

As basic as it may sound, it’s important to be careful about maintaining hand hygiene. Mere ignorance in washing hands properly can be a driving reason behind several illnesses.

A good idea here is to always carry a hand sanitizer in your bag and be conscious of using it before and after all meals. However, it is also advisable to use soap and water for thorough cleaning.

  • Exercise Caution on Consumables

Eating contaminated food is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fall sick. When travelling, you eat most of the meals at a restaurant or some food joint by the street. Naturally, you can never be sure about what goes on behind in their kitchen and what harm it may cause you. Hence, it’s extremely important to be cautious about what you are eating.

While you cannot control everything, you must be careful of certain things. For instance, you should only eat food that is piping hot, ensuring that it’s boiled well and free from germs.

You could avoid eating uncooked food or salads and fruits that are cut and exposed for a long time. It’s also good to stay away from undercooked food and a lot of non-vegetarian stuff, to keep it light on the stomach in the sultry weather.


  • Engage in Physical Exercise


Engaging in regular physical exercise is one of the best ways to build and maintain your immunity. Being active and exercising regularly also helps to shrug off unwanted bacteria and infections.

Even though you might feel lazy to exercise on holiday, you must not compromise on leading a healthy lifestyle during the break.

Small things such as taking a simple walk down a road instead of always availing public transport can give the body some exercise and also a chance to enjoy the new surroundings. Investing a few minutes in healthy living doesn’t go unpaid for.

  • Be Careful of The Sun

While on vacation mode, you don’t tend to realise that it’s important to stay protected from the sun. The UV rays from the sun are really strong from 10 am to 4 pm, which can be extremely harmful to your health.

Moreover, many people tend to suffer from heat strokes that can turn serious when it’s extremely sunny. Hence, it’s a good idea to go for outdoor sightseeing or street shopping when the temperature is slightly lower.

It’s also advisable to always protect your eyes with a good pair of shades and skin with a good sunscreen lotion whenever venturing outdoors.

  1. Always Be Prepared: Buy Health Insurance!

No matter how much caution you exercise about hygiene or food and water, sometimes falling sick might still be completely inevitable.

When you are on vacation, there may be instances involving fun and a certain degree of risk, especially if you’re engaging in adventure sports. You may also catch infections, or your underlying latent health issues may get triggered due to exposure to a completely different geography and continued exertion. A good health insurance plan helps in this case.

There are also some special health insurance plans which cover against some deadly diseases like heart attack and cancer. These plans offer immense mental security and peace at a reasonable cost.

You spend a lot of money on planning your dream vacation. If you have to return back from a trip with the unfortunate condition of any illness, it’s quite sad to be forced to compromise on good medical treatment. It’s also non-intuitive to plan leisure expenses without having your basic needs covered.

The Bottom Line:

Keeping in place a good security (in the form of health insurance plans) that covers the entire family’s health is sure to give you a peace of mind which will help you enjoy your vacation stress-free and also protect in case of an unfortunate illness.

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