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Daughters are a gift to the planet. And her birthdays are always meant to be special. Is your beautiful and loving daughter’s birthday is nearing? Are you looking for some out of the box and flaky ideas to make her day more special? Look no further. Here are some interesting ideas to make your daughter’s day special and will make her friends envy her for having awesome and coolest parents on earth.

A solo trip

You can plan a surprise trip for her; where she can learn to get out of her comfort zone and learn to stay away from you. She can explore a new city, a new culture, or even a new country if you must! Some adventure activities too can be arranged for. You can select a place with all the elements of a perfect holiday for her. And being a parent, you’d definitely be worried about her safety during her trip; make sure you look for reliable travel agencies arranging for such trips.

Passion class

You can gift her something she was passionate about in her childhood and with going time, she didn’t find time to continue with her love for that activity. It could be painting, reading, art, and craft. You can gift her set of paints and canvas, books, enroll her for weekend dance class she always wanted to go or even a music class. You can even enroll her for a library if she loves reading.


Some accessories are always going to be precious. If you think you want to gift her something in gold, you can look for beautiful gold round earrings, which she can wear it anytime. You can even get her name carved on gold and gift her gold name pendant. That beautifully carved piece of gold will add to her beauty. You can even look for some cute trendy finger rings.

Wardrobe makeover

Every girl likes to keep her wardrobe updated with new trends that are prevailing in the town. You can find the best clothing store in town and give her a change in her wardrobe. You can also give her a makeover with haircut and hair colour maybe. You can even add for new footwear and other trendy accessories.

Write a letter

You can write a letter writing life philosophies with funny anecdotes which will stay with her forever and she can read that letter whenever she’d miss you. Let the letter become a source of her emotional strength, reading which she can gain the little confidence on herself which will take her to new heights.


You can give her a book of memories together. All happy moments captured in photos and transferred into a book. Or even make a wall full of pictures where she can add more pictures in future too; that one wall where she can come and revisit her childhood and happy moments of her life.

Make her birthday beautiful and love her more than yesterday. Cheers!

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