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“The groundwork for all the happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hurt

Life is a mystery. Usually! But it is not a rocket science. Most of us end up wasting it in stress and worries about the future. We often see our life imperfect and ignore the little perfections that life offers. This attitude leads to negativity which often leads to depression and unhealthy life. Your attitude towards life has a huge impact on your happiness. If you constantly feel miserable, it isn’t because your life is that way, it is because your attitude towards life isn’t positive.

It is extremely important to be happy, for your body and your mind. And there’re no secrets to happiness. All you have to do is, mold your life in a certain way in order to have a positive outcome. That’s it! That positive outcome will bring the happiness you were seeking. Here are five such ways in which you can do that:

  • Laughter Is the Best Medicine

As cliché as it sounds, but it is true to the core! Laugh as much as you can, and you will see an improvement in your mental and physical health. When you laugh, endorphins are released which makes you feel better. Many yoga instructors recommend laughter therapy where you just laugh your heart out for no apparent reason. (Remember Munna Bhai MBBS?) Laughter is one of the most powerful tools and can help you relax in no time. So, whenever you get a chance, laugh your heart out. Life’s too short to put a grumpy face all the time.

  • Nature: The Cure to Everything

There’s something about nature which is so alluring. Maybe it’s the calmness, maybe the peace it offers, maybe the beautiful scenery it portrays, or maybe all of it. Visiting some natural place away from the hustle and bustle of the city will definitely put a big smile on your face, and it will also relax your mind. Fresh air is quite important for our body and our mind. And all we do is inhale the polluted city air. So, whenever you get time, pack your bags, catch the next bus, and visit a nearby place which offers greenery and fresh air.

  • Say No to Excess Use of Social Media

Another cliché coming up, but it needs to be said whenever possible. The real life of people is not as interesting as it seems on their social media accounts. So, stop envying and put the jealousy aside. Excess use of social media is bad for your mental and physical health. Not only overuse of smartphone is harmful to your body, but excess use of social media also doesn’t do any good for your mental peace.

You get involved in someone’s life more than you should, and it makes you think why you don’t have such a life. Whenever such thoughts come, remember, no one post bad stuff happening in their life. All they show is the achievements and highlights. You can never know how miserable the other person is behind that pouted selfie. It’s about time you concentrate on better things in life.

  • Exercise Regularly

Everyone knows this, but most of us don’t bother about it. Only a sound body can have a sound mind. Exercising regularly would keep you fit, it will increase your stamina to handle daily fatigue, and most importantly, you’ll feel energetic even at the end of the day. It will boost your confidence, and you’ll start feeling happy. Just half an hour workout can help you achieve that. There’s no need to join a gym for it, just go for a morning walk and do some stretching/yoga before it. You’ll see the changes in your body in no time.

  • Eat Well, Sleep Well, Live Well

Two of the most significant things to have a healthy and stress-free life – food and sleep. Get your routine straightened up. Wake up at wee hours, exercise, have a healthy and nutritious breakfast, have lunch and light dinner in time and go back to bed at reasonable hours. Maintain this for a week and notice the changes in your body and in your mood. An adult requires 8 hours of sound sleep. And those 8 hours aren’t flexible. Try to hit the bed at 10 and wake up at 6. If you do that, you’ll have time to exercise, a healthy breakfast and you’ll feel energetic throughout the day. A healthy routine is the best thing you can do to your body and mind.

Follow these five things religiously, and you’ll see a new version of yourself in no time. You’ll be sharper, energetic, fit, and most importantly, happy.

But What About Your Family’s Happiness?

Life is not meant to be spent on worries; rather we should enjoy it to the fullest. However, in order to live a blissful life, you must have peace and peace doesn’t dwell in the midst of insecurity. Our lives are wrapped in the fog of uncertainty, where we have so many responsibilities to fulfill, and there are family members who are dependent on us for their happiness, comfort, and protection. Sure, you may be working hard to ensure the happiness of your loved ones every single day; going to every extent to ensure that they are always safe and secure. But, how do you ensure a protective cover for them, even in your absence?

Term Insurance may be the answer for you!

Term insurance is a type of life insurance that protects your dependents from the financial burden arising from your demise. You need to pay a small amount of premium regularly, and your dependents are paid a good amount of money called ‘Sum Assured’ if you happen to pass away within the term of the policy. Best term insurance plans are highly customizable depending on the insurance company you buy them from. Many insurance companies like Future Generali offer a range of extra benefits referred to as ‘Riders’. The riders have a varied range of benefits like additional payout in case of accidental death, part payment of sum assured on being diagnosed with a critical illness etc.

So, while you are providing enough for your loved ones today, it makes good sense to safeguard their financial future by opting for the best term insurance plan.

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