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Getting married is like a biggest dream for every girl. We grow up dreaming about this day and once we reach a certain age we keep on planning about this day. Once our day is fixed then all we can think is about that “Big Day” and what we are going to wear that day. From Maang Tika to our shoes we start planning about every single detail. Not everyone is so organized like ‘Monika Geller’ from F.R.I.E.D.N.S but every girl starts her planning in her own ways.

For working girls it gets more difficult to organize her things and if you are staying in a different city and your marriage is happening in a totally different city then the situation at hand gets quite tough.

How much ever you  plan out the things there are still many other things that will go wrong. So you need to be prepared that things will go wrong. I have collected some ideas based on my experience and thought of sharing with you fellow brides, so that at least you could avoid those.

  1. Not getting a Bridal Make up trial done.I did a lot of research on the kind of look that I want for my D-Day. I wanted to have a neat look with bright lips and copper eye shadow. I took some pics along to show to my make up artist. Everything sounds so perfect right.My mistake: Not watching how many layers of make she was putting up. Once my make up was done, I was completely happy by my bridal look except for the no of layers she had put on me. I would suggest to get some bridal trial make up done once in a good parlor in your area or go for something like Lakme etc so that you have some idea about how this bridal make up is actually done and how it looks on you.
  2. No idea on which Foundation suits you.I have many fellow brides spending a lot of thought  their Lehenga but one area they don’t concentrate is their foundation. When their pics come out, their hands and face do not match and look quite bad in pics. Do some basic research on the kind of foundation that suits your skin and then ask your MUA on what she’s going to carry that day. The least you can do is walk into a MAC store and try to discover your foundation. They are really helpful.
  3. Picking wrong pair of shoes:Please pick your shoes as per your personality and style. Just because every other girl buys those high heels doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. I bought a pair of wedges to wear and I was one comfortable bride . Also if possible, I would suggest to buy your shoe first and then get your lehenga length adjusted accordingly. At least have idea how many inches you are planning to wear.
  4. Not Organizing your stuff:  I have heard many girls struggling to find their belongings once they reach their In-Laws house or many forget to bring their dupatta etc to their parlour. I would suggest you to organize your bag accordingly. I had put up all my D Day makeup accessories in one bag, the stuff I need during pheras in other, the sarees and other items I need in my in-laws place in other. This really helped me stay sorted and at least one tension was ticked off my list.
  5. Not knowing what traditions are being followed the other side.Now this point is not related to your look at all, but is still a very important factor. Many times we have no idea on what kind of traditions are followed at your would be in-laws side and that ends up in lot of tension in marriages. Talk to your mom-in-law, sister-in-law, your mom, your would be husband and have a basic idea on the expectations. If there are certain expectations your parents have, try to tell your would be and see how to tackle that. I did fairly well in this area and thank god due to that there were no additional tensions in my marriage.

So girls, I hope this helps you. I know there are millions of other things that could go wrong on that day, but these are few that you could avoid. It is your important day and whatever happens do not let it hamper your happiness.

If there was any other terrible mistake that you did, do share with us.

 Guest post by: Nisha Mishra from

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