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We all love cucumber in our salads, specially during summers. This summer I’m on a health regime and I have been experimenting different healthy drinks. Cucumber smoothie is one of my favorite and I try to bring different variants in my cucumber smoothie.
One thing to remember while making cucumber or any other smoothie is that you need to consume it fresh, the more you refrigerate the smoothie for later the less healthier it is. Below are some of my favorite cucumber smoothies

  1. Cucumber-ginger smoothie: This is the easiest and I often make this one. Peel and cut a cucumber, a small piece of ginger and juice of half a lemon, transfer these into a blender and blend well. Transfer the juice into a glass and consume.
  2. Cucumber-water melon smoothie: Blend a cup of chopped watermelon, a cucumber  and 2-3 fresh mint leaves . This is a yummy and refreshing drink. A spoon of lemon juice will make the juice taste yummier.
  3. cucumber-pine apple smoothie: A cup of freshly chopped pine apple and a cucumber along with a spoon of fresh lime juice. You can also add a small piece of ginger and half a cup of chopped carrot. It’s a highly nutritional smoothie high in vitamins and minerals 🙂
  4. cucumber-Apple-spinach smoothie: Chop one apple, a cucumber and a cup of fresh spinach, blend well and consume. It’s a best smoothie for weigh loss and it also helps to boost your immune system. For a healthier version add a teaspoon of lemon juice and fresh mint leaves.
  5. cucumber-beetroot smoothie: This juice acts as a body cleanser. Chop and blend a medium sized beetroot, a large cucumebr and an apple. This pink juice is high in fiber and helps in weight loss and also regularize blood pressure.

Try to replace your regular tea/coffee and consume these healthy cucumber smoothies for breakfast for best results. You can mix and match these ingredients along with cucumber and prepare smoothie as per your taste preferences. You need not add sugar in these smoothies, if you still need a sweeter version you can add honey to your smoothie. Just a small step towards low sugar / No sugar plan will help to keep you healthier.

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