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As a man, you are surrounded by a lot of women who have inspired you or have played an integral role in shaping your personality. With International Women’s day around the corner, how about exhibiting a token of appreciation by gifting them something special? A dainty pendant, an elegant neckpiece, or minimalist jewelry that brings out their elegance and charm, will turn out to be just right. Here are a few extraordinary women in your life who may have been your pillar of strength and the force behind your success.


Your mom will be delighted with just a call, a card or any other gesture you make to show your love for her. But, what about giving her a glittery surprise this Women’s Day and making the moment memorable? If a gold bangle is something she loves to wear on all special occasions, get for her this charming jewelry from CaratLane. You mom will cherish this enchanting gold bangle forever.carat lane


Remember your English teacher who helped you to learn prepositions? You always wanted to score the highest marks in her subject and win her appreciation. Though you have moved ahead in your life, you can never forget the contribution of your favorite teacher in shaping not just your educational goals but also your life. She was the one who always motivated you to perform up to your potential. Now that you have a chance to pay tribute to her valuable efforts in shaping your lifetime’s learnings, there can be nothing more precious than this gold pendant. Knock on her door with this pendant and a letter of acknowledgment on this Women’s Day, and she would cherish this one gesture of yours forever!

Carat Lane
Photo credit: Carat Lane


Your mother always says, “be nice to your sister!” Now, it’s the time to follow what your mom says. Those childhood banters and sibling tiffs are memorable as they remind you of your carefree days. Those were the days when you fought with your sister over the last scoop of ice cream, but enjoyed the joy of sharing at the end. But, there is no denying the fact that your sister was your first childhood friend. With her, you learnt the idea of sharing. Let her know how special she is for you by gifting this beautiful gold necklace. This token of sibling love will find an important place not just in her closet but also in her heart.

Photo Credit: Carat lane
Photo Credit: Carat lane

Grand Mom:

She is the one who made your summer vacations just unforgettable. Memories of those pleasant days when you rushed to your grand mom’s place to have your favourite sweets and candies will remain in your heart forever. Then, there are those enticing stories by your grand mom that you would never forget, no matter how old you grow. Even if the idea of thanking your grand mom for all those homemade sweets and captivating stories never crossed your mind before, it’s still not too late. Just plan a trip to her place again, but not empty-handed this time. Take this wonderful diamond band from along to see her eyes sparkle with happiness.

Photo credit: Carat Lane
Photo credit: Carat Lane 


You took an oath to bestow love upon your wife forever. And as the Women’s Day is approaching, you have another excuse to relive that oath. This precious love ring from the exclusive Style by Ami collection at will help you succeed in your efforts to win your wife’s heart all over again. So, why wait when the gift is ready, and all you have to do is order it online.

Photo credit: Carat Lane
Photo credit: Carat Lane

 All those lovely ladies who inspired you in the past and are still acting as your support system, need a delightful surprise. So, get ready to win their hearts with a glittery gesture!

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4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Gifts For 5 Awesome Women in Your Life

  1. I really like caratlane jewellery collection but I guess Tanishq has a much better designs, specially the relatively cheap Mia collection.


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