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When you’re always on the go and you don’t have much time, we often find that keeping our home clean and tidy falls way down our list of priorities. But this doesn’t mean they have to stay untidy. 

You might think it’ll take forever to get everything back into order but follow these housekeeping tips and you’ll  just find that everything is looking better before you know it. 

  1. Spot Test

Look around you. Spot five things that are out of place, and put or throw them away. You have three minutes. Go!

See? That was easy, right? So, next time you find yourself despairing at the mess you’re in, try this out. You’ll be amazed by how much de-cluttering you can get done in tiny bursts. You could set a timer, or you could put your favourite catchy song on and stop when the song finishes.

2. Make Lists

If there’s a lot of housework to do, the sheer scale of the task can be daunting. So take it room by room. List all the things that need to be done to get that room back the way you want it, and leave it somewhere in that room where you can easily see it.

3.Build Good Habits

It’s much easier to clean the dishes if you do it straight after you’ve eaten, before the food has time to stick to your plate. It’s also much easier to put them away first thing in the morning as you’ll save time finding everything you need later on. And of course you know it’s much easier to tidy surfaces if you put things away straight after you use them and clean up as you go.

Practice doing these things regularly, and they’ll become routine. Then you won’t need to make time for them because they’ll just happen naturally.

  4.Share the Load!

If you have roommates, a partner, or children, ask them if they can help you out. Most of them will be responsible for their own space but their help doesn’t have to end here.

Ask and encourage them to help keep communal spaces clutter-free by taking their belongings with them or wiping up spillages on tables. They can even get involved with the washing up.

There you have it: 4 housekeeping tips that’ll save you time and energy. Keep your head up!

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6 thoughts on “4 Top Housekeeping Tips For When You’re short of Time

  1. I give decluttering and piling up at single place task to mr husband, he’s quite fast at it and i am fast at keeping the things at their place 🙂

  2. My rooms’s pretty bad and I am struggling to keep it tiny. When I clean it its ok but don’t do it regularly. Hard task but anyway… Nice tips from you.

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