2 minutes Mug cake Recipe

Have you ever experienced those days when you don’t have anything to munch on at all. I mean nothing in the snack box nor in refrigerator. To add on the agony you are too lazy…yup, it happens to me all the time 😛 .  One of my foodie friend who loves baking shared an awesome recipe with me. She probably know how lazy I am when it comes to experimenting new recipes, that’s why she came up with this 2 minute microwave mug cake. You can call it as mug cake or brownie, because the texture of this mug cake is so soft , moist and yummy. The best part about this recipe is, it’s just takes 2 minutes of baking and no hassles in preparing. All the ingredients required will definitely be in your kitchen and … and.. and the best part is you just have to wash only a mug and a spoon 😀 . Now that’s what we call as the joy of cooking 😉
Lets get started with the things required:
One mug.
All purpose Flour:  3 Table spoon
Cocoa Powder:        1.5 table spoon
Baking Soda:           1/4 tea spoon
Sugar:                      3 Table spoon
Salt:                          a pinch

2 minutes mug cake

2 minutes mug cake

Now mix all these dry ingredients in the mug with a fork
Once all the above ingredients are mixed well add the following wet ingredients:
Milk:                         3 Table spoon
Oil:                           3 Table spoon
Vanilla essence:      few drops
Choco chips         (optional for garnishing)

2 minutes mug cake

2 minutes mug cake

Again give the mixture a nice stir… microwave it in full power for 2 minutes…ta…daa……yummy and moist brownie or mug cake is ready.  It’s better to have it when its smoking hot… 

2 minutes mug cake

2 minutes mug cake

Tks tips: 
  • The batter should be filled only till half of the mug cos it rises once its baked. So check the size of your mug
  • Make sure the mug is oven proof

Do try this easy- peasy 2 minutes mug cake and do let me know 😀

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Jini, We will say she is the cousin sister of Sarcasm filled with right mix of humour and Sense. There is a saying about creativity, It is raw and instant. She is our friend, critic, contributor, Gossip girl, excellent cook and what not. She is the one with a smile and ensures there is a laugh in every nook and corner, so is her posts.Oh we forgot to tell you that she loves talking :D which never stops though :|

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