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Most of us love to travel while some of us are fond of adventure trips. There is nothing more fun than going for a trek or camping with your best friends. Trekking is fun; no doubt, but you need a little prep before going for a Trek. Camping on top of the beautiful hills and mountains is a thrilling experience which you can always cherish those fun moments for a lifetime. 

There can be very easy treks, moderately easy or difficult treks and very difficult or even dangerous trekking trails. If you are not planning to stay back and camp choose an easy trek. If it’s a difficult or even moderately difficult trek the best option is to camp and start trekking down the next day morning.

View from our tent –

Below are some points to keep in mind while preparing for camping. We have also mentioned few travel essentials while going for a trek.

  1. Trekking Shoes: No matter how easy or difficult the trek is, always go for a trekking shoe with a good grip. You may get pieces of advice saying you do not need one. But trekking shoes come handy when the terrain is slippery or rough and it will definitely make your trek easier.
  2. A good Backpack: Backpackers know the advantage of using a backpack with good back support and weight distribution. As you climb higher your bag is gonna feel heavier than it is. Always go for a good quality backpack while trekking, the one with shoulder support and strap are idol option. Don’t even think of carrying a trolley or a side bag for trekking. (We found people carrying trolley during our recent trek.) 😛 Read about our recent trek to Triund here.
  3. Lights: On the top of the hill you will not find electricity or any other source of light other than moonlight. So always carry lighters, matchboxes, torches, and batteries.
  4. Power Bank: Carry a fully charged power bank handy to charge your phones. Also, keep your phone on energy saver mode.
  5. First Aid: It’s very important to keep a first aid kit while trekking and camping. Carry medicines for small cut and bruises, muscle cramps, indigestion, fever, head ache etc. Also, keep medicines for altitude sickness if you want.
  6. Snacks: Trekking needs a lot of energy and you may tend to feel low and energy drained out. Always keep snacks and energy bars handy.
  7. Hydrate yourself: While climbing you would feel thirsty throughout. Just take a sip of water once in a while or else it would be really difficult for you to climb if you keep drinking water. Stock energy drinks, glucose etc and also do not overload your bag with food. 😀
  8. The nights are gonna be terribly cold up there on the hill top. So carry a good jacket or sweater. Also, keep an extra pair of socks., in case if it rains it would come handy.
  9. Carry sunscreen, as you climb up, the sun is gonna be harsh and would leave you sun tanned. Also carry sunglasses, cap/hat/scarf etc.
  10. There are very rare chances for the availability of water up in the hills other than bottled water. Carry tissue papers, Toilet tissue roll, hand sanitizer etc. You’ll have to use mineral water that too which is available at double the rate.
  11. While trekking, a firm stick or a good umbrella will help you climb. Regular trekkers can purchase trekking sticks also.
  12. If you are trekking during monsoons don’t forget to carry a raincoat. Disposable raincoats are available in the market at cheaper rates.
  13. Carry only necessary stuff in a backpack so it is easy to climb.
  14. Always keep your ID card in your wallet as in some places you would need to show your Id proof before the trek starts. Also keep your phones, wallets etc in a zip lock cover if there are chances of rain.
  15. Carry enough cash as only cash works above and everything is a bit pricier than you see down.

These are few points which we felt important while planning a trekking trip. If you are planning to camp try to check the availability of tents in advance especially if it’s peak season.

Our trek was worth that view
Waiting for sunrise
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7 thoughts on “15 Things to keep in mind while planning a Trekking Trip

  1. Good points !! I think a trekker should start with easy trek and then he can learn the basic necessities .

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