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Being a big fat movie buff that I am I thought why not list my favorite wedding movies that all of you should watch!! Take what you can from the movie!  Or just plainly to reduce the planning stress or even plan a movie date with your partner!! I still can watch these wedding movies over and over again. All these movies belong to different genre! Hope you guys enjoy! I love Bollywood movies so yes there will be a few in the list. 

  1. Runaway Bride

    Julia Roberts is like my all time favorite! I must admit as my wedding day came up the running away did come to my mind once 😉

  2. 27 dresses

    I just love this movie for the spirit of loving weddings to the extent of juggling through different weddings and those unique bridesmaid dresses!!!

  3. Bride’s war

    Phew! I hope this situation never crosses any ! Hilarious movie!

  4. Revenge of the bridesmaids

    Choose your bridesmaids carefully 😛

  5. Bridesmaids

    Never invite your enemies to your wedding!!

  6. Father of the bride

    Every Father just wants a perfect guy for his princess!!

  7. Band Baja Baraat

    Being a total desi that I am! Love the movie for its upbeat and colorful genre! And so many weddings together.

  8. Hum dil de chuke sanam

    I just love aishwarya and salman together!

  9. Hum aapke hain kaun

    Do i need to say anything about madhuri dixit’s presence ??

  10. My big fat greek wedding

    A wedding is incomplete without a big drama.

  11. Monster in law

    Every bride has mother in law issues. This movie manages to get in the mother in law’s head too!

  12. Namastey London

    This movie is my absolute favorite.I love the chemistry between akshay and katrina! Also, the music is fab.

  13. Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

    Fun movie.

  14. My best friend’s wedding

    How till the moment you don’t fear loosing someone , you don’t realize you love them.

  15. The wedding planner

    I love Jennifer Lopez period!

Tell us your favorite wedding movies or add to the list above. I might have missed on something and would love to watch more!! 
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