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The wedding season starts and you are flooded with wedding invites. What to wear, how to look, what hairstyle to choose, the question and confusion goes on. But we sometimes have a tough time to decide on what to gift the couple. The confusion is quite obvious when you have a minimum of two weddings to attend in a month. The wedding may be of a close relatives or friends or colleagues or some distant relatives, the fact is gifts are unavoidable.

Here are a few wedding gift options for you:

  1. Say your best friend is getting married, you can plan and sponsor their Honeymoon trip for the couple as per your budget. If they have planned their honeymoon already, let it be a short trip. The best and the most memorable gift for your friend.
  2. You can sponsor their wedding photography or even gift a special couple shoot. Infact, if you are good at photography, you can do the wedding or post-wedding or pre-wedding shoot.
  3. Now a days majority of the newly weds stay away from their parents. They are gonna be settling down in a new place. They would need all the home appliances and utensils for their new home. As per your budget you can choose electronic or kitchen appliances of your choice. Rather than giving a surprise you can check with them as to what do they want, it will be more helpful for them, otherwise they may end up buying the same thing.
  4. Gift coupons are a great option. This is one thing which we have started following now a days. We contribute and buy a gift coupon of a decent amount. The couple can buy anything of their choice later. You would get gift coupons from all the branded stores.
  5. Watches. The most common wedding gifts are couple watches, still the favorite. A couple watch forms a best wedding gift πŸ™‚
  6. Another common option is dress material. salwar suits, saree, shirt, a suit set for men.. the options goes on..
  7. Wedding is all about expenses. If you are planning to gift a certain amount of money, it would be handy, but again it depends on your choice.
  8. Gift hampers: You can create a hamper with the couple’s favorite items and gift them. You can personalize the hamper and include fun elements in it. Decide a budget, get ideas as to what to include in your hamper and make sure you gift a beautiful and handy hamper for the couple.
  9. Jewelry: Gifting jewelry is a great option. Something which stays with them for a long time.
  10. If you are looking for a low budget gift you would get plenty of options; like personalized photo frame with an antique touch, show-pieces, personalized bed covers and blankets, crockery, the list goes on..

Buying a wedding doesn’t mean you have to spend too much, your presence itself is a gift. Above that whatever you give is considered as a good gift.

Tell us about your best wedding gift ideas

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