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After spending many months planning your wedding, all your plans will be set in motion on the wedding day. This is a time for you to relax and enjoy the ceremony. The following are 10 things you can do to make sure that you enjoy your wedding day. 

Hire a wedding planner
By enlisting the services of a wedding planner, you can be sure that everything will go well on your special day. The planner will communicate with vendors to help you get all the things you need for the day in advance so that you can enjoy fun activities like the bachelorette party, bridal shower and the final dress fitting. 

Go to bed early on the eve of your wedding
Getting a good night’s sleep is essential because this is the best way to ensure that you will remain alert during your wedding. If you sleep for at least eight hours, you will wake up fully rested to be able to enjoy the day. 

Minimize your activities on the morning of your special day
You can engage in activities that you normally engage in such as a morning session of yoga or a workout. However, do not plan any activity that does not fall within your daily routine. Getting ready for the day is time consuming and you should therefore ensure that you enjoy it. 

10 Tips to Make Sure That You Enjoy Your Wedding Day
10 Tips to Make Sure That You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Eat and drink well
Failing to eat breakfast or drink water can ruin your wedding day. Breakfast will give you the energy you need and staying hydrated will help your skin glow. 

Turn your phone off
Your wedding day will pass by fast and you should therefore live in the moment. Since you have hired someone to help you manage the events for the day, there is no reason for you to direct people on what needs to be done. Direct everyone to your wedding planner so that you will enjoy the day to the fullest. 

Trust your vendors
Since you have spent a considerable amount of time vetting, interviewing and selecting your vendors, you should be confident in their ability to deliver. Be confident that they will handle everything for you. Intervening can create confusion or waste precious time. Trust the suggestions of your vendors because they also want your wedding day to be perfect. 

Seek assistance from your bridesmaids or groomsmen when necessary
A couple can seek assistance from their bridesmaids or groomsmen since these people are at their wedding because they are their friends and are ready to assist them with anything during their special occasion. If there is something you forgot to take care of with a vendor, you can ask them to help you settle the matter. 

Be magnanimous
Greet all your guests with a smile even if it is your close relative you may have disagreed over something in the past. No one likes a bride or bridegroom who is angry and you will not like to be one either. 

Stay poised during the wedding speeches

If anything negative is said during the best man, bridesmaids or father of the bride speeches, it is better to let it pass without having a bad reaction. Most of your guests will miss it but they will not miss any bad reaction from you. 

Give a thank you speech
It will feel great to thank your relatives, friends and guests especially those who have travelled long distances to attend this special occasion. 
Your wedding day can be perfect if you follow the tips above. Remember that if something does not go the way you planned, there is nothing much you can do to change it. You should concentrate on having a good time. If you are planning to travel to Australia for your honeymoon, make sure that you make arrangements to get an Australian Visa early. You should apply for a visitor’s visa since you will be staying in this country for a short period of time. To get such a visa, your application should have a completed and signed visa application form, a signed checklist, a recent photograph and a valid passport as well as any other documents mentioned in the checklist. 

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Flora, a passionate traveler and blogger who shares her thoughts one various topics she came across. As a solo traveler shares her stories on many blogs. Presently she is working for Australian visa which is a visa service provider.

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42 thoughts on “10 Tips to Make Sure That You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

  1. I don’t have great memories of my wedding day. Would love to go back and change a lot of things..probably if u permit I can write a story on it 🙂 which probably would interest couples going for inter state fusion.

  2. Love the tips. I am not even close to being a bride or marrying but would love to just turn off my phone , get a good night’s sleep and feel pampered…….

  3. I so agree with you, hiring a planner really sorts you out or else you end up organizing everything and end up missing on the tender moments. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful write up dear.. sleeping and eating well do keep us in a good mood!!

    switching off phone is a great initiave to value ones who have come to attend wedding.. 🙂

    Thanking speech would be so emotionall.. :D.. <3 <3

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