The mang tikka options for the bride
Matha Patti/ Maang Tikka Options For The Bride
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Indian weddings are all about love, fun, gossips, loads of colours, jewelry, excitement and more fun . The bride is the busiest person in the whole affair, ofcourse she should be. She needs to look like a princess on her wedding day. I remember me being excited-and-tense . The bridal outfit, jewelry, makeup, her footwear; […]

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Toe ring: Just not a jewelry
Toe rings: Not just a jewelry
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Indian traditions are really interesting. Why do a married girl need a symbol to prove that she’s married? I am talking about things like kumkum on forehead,choora,nath,mangalsutra, toe ring and other numerous symbols which identifies a girl as married and why don’t guys need an identification? I wish they should also be identified as married […]

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